Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Immigration to USA

Good afternoon,

Actually there many immigration visa categories to USA. In one of them is Eb3 green card visa. It is an immigrant visa and employment based visa. It is a very long and lengthy process. The criteria and the process is listed below.

First you have to find a permanent job in USA and the employer will sponsor you for EB 3 visa. The employer need to file a labor certification application at nearest USCIS office for getting approval. This process may take so long for an approval. After the approval of labor certification, the employer again would file 1-40 petition for immigration purpose. This whole process may take from 6 months to 5 years.

The USCIS will send the petition approval copy to the employer as well as to the designated country Embassy or consulate. And then the applicant need to schedule a visa interview at the US Embassy.

If the applicant got his visa stamp so in this case you can fly and join your duty in USA.


Wazir Khan
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